Hey, I am Mikka. I have a feeling we'll be friends.

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This is the personal(!) homepage of Mikka, just a medic. You might know me from the Internet. No, I am not a singer or alpine skier and I do not race cars. Though I am sure all those Mikkas are great people.

I am a hiker, wanderer, seeker of medical curiosities and arcana, medical practitioner, and friend. You can (and should) talk federated to me.

A Mission Statement of sorts. See Impressum for contact information. Site changelog.


I have been “blogging” since 1999, when my first website “homohabilis” went from being a static site that essentially had to be maintained by logging into the server and using ed/vi to edit, to a site I could maintain on my brand-new Linux laptop and push via rsync. A set of bash scripts followed, that would upload my .plan file as a new entry. All “templating” was done via awk/sed. Those were the days.

I had a ten-year spell during which I took almost 10k pictures every year. I worked in a bunch of truly odd and great jobs, from bouncer at a gay SM club to driving an eighteen-wheeler logging truck. I wouldn’t want to miss any of those experiences, and I believe we’re better for it, if we work outside the cushy confines of what we believe we’re really good at. Everyone should work logging for a year, it changes you.

Dreggswedder, elendiches
Dreggswedder, elendiches