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Yes, these are all questions received by email. Thanks, MJ, I know how I’ll repay you on Sunday 🙂

Was it cold?

Fuck yeah. Really cold. As in “my balls hurt” cold.

Worth it?

Absolutely. The water was spring water, soft, and very, very, relaxing. Not to mention being in the company of equally cold-enhanced females.

You’re one ugly fuck!

Yes, ma’am, I am. Fat dude doing the nudies, not a sight to behold. But then, most of y’all were to prude, chicken, or otherwise challenged to follow me in there, so I win by forfeit.

Who da girls in the one picture?

I don’t know. I’d have made Andy eat his camera had I been the lady in the picture whose boobs he just uploaded to the world. But then, I’m one prickly idiot, myself, for linking the picture, right?

Gonna strip again?

Sure, as soon as you give me a cavern filled with spring water and about 20 nekkid girls to hop in there with me, I am all on.

Don’t they tell you not to go swim with a new tat?

Yepp. The main argument against submersion, however, is chlorine and/or salt. Avoided those by swimming in spring water. Next is the possibility of infections. That one’s much more prevalent in such a cavern, but I disinfected it right after getting out of the water. Plus, I am using the tried and true Neosporin approach, and I am actually healed much better than I’d have thought I would.

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