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I love to trailnap. It’s one of those things, I just do. It makes me happy to take a quick snoozer in the grass or on a bench, listening to the birds, wind, and sometimes nearby creeks.

Trail napping on the Camino is different. Here you’ll fall asleep to the sounds of Pilgrims passing by and those hollered “Buen Camino” or “Ultreïa” greetings. I pulled out my blanket, rolled it out, set my head onto my backpack, and began daydreaming until the “day” part ended and real dreams emerged. Twenty minutes later, I didn’t have to set an alarm, Pilgrims made sure of that, I repacked and walked towards the next food and drink dispensary, a cart located along the Way.

Getting into Zubiri was an easy, albeit knee-killing endeavor. Downhill most of the time, I was actually glad to be at the albergue around four, with time to spare to go shopping and find a bank. A Pilgrim couple from Germany whom I’d met previously in France joined me for Coffee, and we compared notes. Far from the most experienced hikers, the two had nevertheless set themselves a very ambitious schedule of over 35 kilometers every day, planning to be in Fisterra a whopping week before me. We’ll see.

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