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The Camino Frances has slowly warmed up to me, and despite my injuries, both the incessant stomach ache and the sprained ankle, I’m enjoying the Way more than not.

This morning would have been the last day walking with AK, who is shipping back to France today. Seeing the dark clouds over the valley, however, and finding no sign of her or A in the area, I decided to hoof it. At the bridge from which the town of Puenta la Reina derives its name, I ran into mother and daughter Caministas Rose and Hope, with whom I hiked today. Stephen joined us minutes later, and up the hill we went, really screwing my right foot right back into worst Alps level of pain.

Rain slowly made its way to us, but after a brief stint at an old abbatoir that had been converted into a bar, we made it into the next town for lunch. AK and A arrived, along with Czech Walker T (who’d left S behind in Puente la Reina), giving me a chance to say my proper good byes to AK.

Our hostel in Villatuerte, La Casa Magica, is a right hippie place, with vegetarian meals, the smell of incense everywhere, and hammocks and pool to relax. Wish I’d made it here on a sunny day.

No images today, because I am too lazy to leech them off my camera, but here’s a picture of us four, lunching.

Despite having done 24 kilometers today, I still feel like I am not pulling my distances. Tomorrow I’ll attempt a 1 1/2 and get my departure from Navarra into the plains on the way. Ultreïa.

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