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I left Casa Magica early and tried to get out of town before the rush of caminantes would inevitably come down the line hills behind me. Joined up with Andrea from Sweden again, and spent the way between Villatuerte and the Wine Fountain at the monastery of Irache singing each other songs in various languages.

I filled my hip flask at the fountain. The wine, not the best to begin with, will likely go sour before Finisterre, but I don’t care… I’ll have a sip after swimming my Camino dust away.

A few kilometers later I met Melanie and her hiking companion, but got caught up fixing a peregrina’s ankle, so they left together with Andrea and Thomas from the Czech Republic. I wound up loaning my stick to the injured peregrina, Vic, and walked on by myself to Los Arcos. The evening was spent drinking wine (everyone else) and fixing blisters and sprains in a makeshift “are you the doctor everyone talks about?” session.

After a night regretting somewhat to have a bunk next to the toilet, I made decent time to Viana, but could feel my foot swell again. I’ll have to get some bandages and maybe a zero day soon.

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