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I practically live in MWeb, using it as my cross-device notebook, diary, blogging platform, code documenter, and more. The ability to start working on my tablet, move to the laptop in my hotel room, correct things on the iPhone, and finally do some big time revisions on the desktop before sending it all out from the iPhone again makes me happy. So Mikkamix was born.

Quite a few text documents just go to, and so I needed a nice CSS template for those texts.

  • Works well with MWeb on iOS and Mac. I don’t want two different templates.
  • Works well with DropShare, so I can also post directly from the DropShare Markdown dropdown.
  • Not responsive, so if you want that (no idea why that’d be an issue with a one-column layout), add it.

Download: Here it is: Mikkamix — or on GitHub.
Demo: Got that, too. Click here 🙂

Some Pictures

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