Morning Medical News Of Interest [Jul 9 2021]

🦠 Pfizer and BioNTech release joint declaration, warning that vaccine efficacy and protection could diminish drastically after six months. Recommend booster in winter. [BioNTech]

🦠 However, hours later FDA and CDC reply, saying you don’t need a booster (yet) [NPR]

🦠 In good news, currently both vaccines seem to be highly effective in reducing chances of moderate to severe COVID-19 and deaths in SARS-CoV-2 infections with latest variants [Nature]

🩺 A North Carolina nurse who joked about mistreating her patients on TikTok was suspended by her employer [MedPageToday]. The nurse joked about drugging patients, disregarding physicians’ orders, unplugging ventilators to charge her phone, making up patient data to sneak out, and more. A GoFundMe Campaign has yielded $325 so far, mostly to tell her in the comments that she sucks.

Mikka Luster @mikka