Morning Medical News Of Interest [Jul 10 2021]

🦠 A Grand Jury did not indict the Texas physician who took nine, about to expire, doses of COVID-19 vaccine to give to friends and family instead of discarding them. He remains fired from his job, though. [AP]

🩺 An administrator fired for blowing the whistle on unsafe work practices at her employer’s network won a lawsuit a while back and had to be reinstated. Now the 1st Court of Appeals has held and broadened her protections, meaning whistleblowing will probably become more common (good). [Decision]

🦠 “Type II medical face masks, however, filtered 47% of aerosols, KN95 masks filtered 41%, and FFP2 masks filtered 65%. Face shields did not prevent the inhalation of any aerosols.” [PLOS One]

Mikka Luster @mikka