Well, at least Minecraft is still there. It’s kind of weird, though. After completely leaving World of Warcraft1 I tried my hand on the phenomenal SpaceLand and Baldo’s Tale, the latter of which is so new, it still has baby bugs but makes me happy in all the right places.

When stuck on an island in 38 degree weather (that’s Celsius, folks, this ain’t the North), with no money to spend and no hardware to make decent videos, playing some fun games is a good second, I guess.

I am determined, though, to get rid of the pandemic twenty before the end of the year. Which means, being again this is Cyprus and food is about as healthy as the weather, indoor running and salad for lunch and dinner. And none of that chocolate I brought from Switzerland.

  1. The allegations were just the last straw, lack of content and a total swing along the lines of borrowed powers and stupid grinds for them did it in a long time ago, but my nostalgic love for the “old” game kept me going. [return]
Mikka Luster @mikka