Abbott has begun blocking IP addresses that are used to grab LibreLinkUp data for, e.g. use in Nightscout.

As I have said repeatedly, this is a dangerous and asshole move by Abbott, blocking parents from seeing their kids' glucose data, or caregivers in general.

Abbott argues with the existence of its own service, LibreLinkUp, but this service neither provides historical data nor does it allow for many of the important things (such as the patient/dependent logging their food or when they used insulin).

Way back when, in Twitter days, when Musk was just being a douche to his employees and made babies mainly with socialites, those things usually generated a massive shitstorm and Abbott relented. With X now being less and less used, and none of the other platforms being a true connector, Abbott is safe from such shitstorms in the face of a much less engaged and connected audience. So they tried again, three weeks ago, and this time they won.

I’m currently “fighting” this, by hopping IP addresses, but that can’t be the future of Nightscout and Libre.