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All data on this site are collected and published by Mikka Luster.

Mikka Luster
Kykladon 13
Strovolos 2062
Nicosia, Cyprus

Inquiries are best made by email.

I am not your doctor or therapist. All content on this site is presented for entertainment and educational purposes ONLY. See your physician and speak to them about your specific needs and clinical status.

Colophon and Thanks


Content on this site is edited in Obsidian and Markdown (hence the domain name). The theme is “diagnostic conundrum” developed by me and available for 11ty only.

I am using Obsidian Git to keep my writing updated on the site.

The favicon and scribble inside the “Mikka in Markdown” logo is an anagramatic representation of the word “Mikka” as generated by It represents the relative distances of each character to the next.

This website uses your computer’s serif and sans serif font stack. The CSS for this is adapted from

The font used for the “Mikka in Markdown” logo is “Hamurz” of which I use the free version. There’s a paid version that has capital letters, which I don’t need.