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All content on this site is © 1999-2023 by Mikka Luster unless otherwise marked. Reuse of my content is permitted, as long as:

.md? I’ve had this domain since 2016. .md stands, and always stood, for “markdown,” the format used to write all text on this site. Markdown is amazing and you should totally use it. I do my slides in it, write texts, everything. So, no, you should not treat me like your MD. I am not. Your MD is in their office, waiting for you.

Your Rights

This website does not use server side technologies. All content is served from a nginx webserver and logging is turned off, except for error logging. Error logging is anonymized, meaning there are no IP addresses collected.

Where I embed external data (YouTube videos, for example), the embedded site may collect data on you. You’re an adult, you know how to prevent this content from being loaded and/or displayed. Want to end this? Develop solutions that can do the same, at the same cost for me, that don’t collect your data.