Video: Diabetes, Type 1 and 2… what’s the difference?

A video about the commonalities and differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, the dawn phenomenon, and risks. It’s a new channel to bring back just.a.medic, so if you have a second, I’d love a subscribe and/or a comment if you didn’t like it.

James Miranda Steuart Barry (c. 1789 – 25 July 1865)

I am publishing Dr. James Barry’s post today, Jan 28, even though we do not truly know the day he was born. Over his life, Dr. Barry changed the “when” as often as the “where”, but historians believe it must have been today. A military surgeon in the British Army, Barry served in South Africa before rising the ranks, culminating … Read More

Wilder Penfield (January 26, 1891 – April 5, 1976)

He invented new methods to map the brain. He perfected wake-patient brain surgeries. He began the work that explains hallucinations and brought forward the framework showing how deja vu works. He started the field of neuropsychology. Yet, if you asked Wilder Penfield what his most memorable moments were, he always responded with “that would have been the time we were … Read More

JAM’s Back

Just.a.medic is back. No matter how much it stung to lose over a million subscribers, there’s nothing like getting back onto the horse. To be clear, YouTube did not delete the channel. I removed it after I had been permanently demonetized, restricted from trending and other areas, and become, more or less, the bomb dropping ground for anything from homeopaths … Read More

Home Office

How do YOU work? What’s your home office like? It’s been a year and a bit since the world changed, dinosaurs started dying out, and remote work and learning became the new normal. Food and other deliveries slowly seeped into high street and fine dining, today Michelin starred restaurants deliver and, instead of complaining about Amazon, high street and local … Read More

Playing DOOM on a pregnancy test

Not strictly med-tech, but close enough and freaking awesome. Someone played DOOM on a pregnancy test. Ok, ok, it’s not quite on the test strip. Instead, the maker (noted hardware mastermind Foone Turing) found out the pinout for the pregnancy test’s display and connected a Holtek HT48C06 to it, which can be used to run the code and connect a … Read More


I’ve been doing medicine for a minute. In less lucid moments I even call myself a medical professional (usually I call myself a shit/fan separation specialist, tasked with preventing the former from hitting the latter). It is thus, that I ask of you: if you ever feel dumb or ignorant again, if there’s a moment where you doubt your brain’s … Read More