I run on coffee. It’s been that way since the 90s, when I realised, nine days before deadline, that the only hard drive with my Thesis had just taught me a valuable lesson about backups.

My main trimethylxanthine delivery devices are a drip maker and a Nespresso Pod machine. The drip maker is much cheaper, but doesn’t really function for just one cup, leading to my drinking cold or microwaved coffee as the day moves on.

Pods are expensive. Funnily enough, it turns out that they aren’t that bad for the environment, but that does little to assuage my guilt over having just spent 3.95€ for 50g of coffee in compostable capsules.

Which brings us to Cyprus Post who, probably because of the Winter Break, are much better organised this week, meaning I was just able to pick up my (ordered in October) Evergreen Capsules. Those things, also known as “the only time Facebook ads worked on Mikka,” combine pod amounts of coffee with cheaper forms of bean purchase.

At 18€ for the capsule, I’ll have to drink about 120 cups to make up for the expense, so in late February, should they not die until then, I’ll have my money’s worth from them.

We’ll probably do a blind test between the Evergreen and the Intenso Bio Compostable capsules in a few weeks, when everyone’s back from the winter holidays.

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