Playing DOOM on a pregnancy test

Not strictly med-tech, but close enough and freaking awesome. Someone played DOOM on a pregnancy test.

Ok, ok, it’s not quite on the test strip. Instead, the maker (noted hardware mastermind Foone Turing) found out the pinout for the pregnancy test’s display and connected a Holtek HT48C06 to it, which can be used to run the code and connect a keyboard.

The HT48C06 is a RISC processor, something everyone knows about these days thanks to Apple’s M1 departure from complex set processors. RISC was invented by Acorn, decades ago, and powered the best computer ever, the Archimedes. I wanted that thing so bad, but since they were expensive and not available most anywhere, I never got one.

Still, this is no small feat, another entry in the list of “things people have played Doom on,” and perfectly captures the combination of excitement, anticipation, dread, and frustrations that have been poured into those tests over the years.

Also note the “Internet Explorer” button.

By the way: file under “late to the party” but I’ve got a job, you know, and am slow anyways.

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