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How do YOU work? What’s your home office like? It’s been a year and a bit since the world changed, dinosaurs started dying out, and remote work and learning became the new normal.

Photograph of my home office, desk work setup, monitor in the center, laptop to the right, iPad to the left.

Books on shelves.

Food and other deliveries slowly seeped into high street and fine dining, today Michelin starred restaurants deliver and, instead of complaining about Amazon, high street and local retailers offer WhatsApp or Messenger based same-day order and deliver, beating the Seattle Monster at its own game (and surviving).

Some local watering holes have started cocktail and drink delivery services, our local kiosk walks over to drop off cigarettes, rolling papers, and even cheap cell phones and SIM cards (the “everything I need to order some weed from my supplier safely” pack).

This is me:

  • MacBook, iPad.
  • iPhone connected to Mac via HDCamera for OBS as webcam
  • Logitech c930e as backup if I need my phone during calls
  • Razer Seiren X as Mic (best balance between quality and sturdiness)
  • Logitech Z200 Speakers
  • Logitech MX Master 3 mouse
  • Books (95% medicine)
  • Some tchotchkes to make me feel a little bit more comfortable
  • plastic flora, because I suck at keeping plants alive
  • Dozens of delivery service menus
  • The tie that was cut during Mardi Gras as it is tradition in Germany

I intentionally did not clean up or arrange my desk. If I am working from home, this is how I work.

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