JAM’s Back

Just.a.medic is back. No matter how much it stung to lose over a million subscribers, there’s nothing like getting back onto the horse.

To be clear, YouTube did not delete the channel. I removed it after I had been permanently demonetized, restricted from trending and other areas, and become, more or less, the bomb dropping ground for anything from homeopaths to pissed off DOs who really disliked being told that their spinal subluxation bullshit belongs into the world of woo woo voodoo and not modern medicine.

A video I wanted to make for 2 years and then some… What is the difference between Neurology, Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, and Clinical Psychology?

Since I am starting new (50 subscribers, 936’842 to go), I’d love a like, subscribe, comment. Mostly comment. Seriously, comments make me happy.

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