No, “complementary medicine” is neither complementary, nor medicine

Nice try, Dr. Walker, but this isn’t how it works. Your argument for “complementary medicine” isn’t one, and I am almost sure, you know this. Which brings questions as to your motives, which I’ll touch on below. For starters, however, let’s define medicine. Medicine is the practice of diagnosing, treating, and preventing illnesses. An easy sentence, yet one that encompasses … Read More

Wiesbaden Street Art

The Meeting of Styles is an international street art event and gallery, spread around the globe.

Stop doing vertical video things. Please?

The world is horizontal. All viewing devices except cell phones are, and even they are easily held in landscape. Vertical (or “portrait,” this should give you a hint) works well for one thing, and one thing only: to take portraits. Landscape is for landscapes, more than one person, things, people who are standing next to something. As a rule of thumb: if … Read More

So you walk

Why long distance hikes aren’t the panacea you seek and why you should do them anyways. The second to fifth day are the hardest. You started full of energy, hope, and anticipation, only to wake up to aching muscles, a throbbing back because you slept on a stone you rolled onto in the middle of the night, hurting feet, and the … Read More

Getting to McMurdo Station

A (somewhat) practical guide to becoming the McMurdo Foursquare Mayor Having just completed, winter setting over the always icy shores of McMurdo Station in Antarctica, my second trip to the final accessible civilian outpost on the southernmost continent of the planet, I am often asked how the heck does someone get to go to McMurdo. Here’s a quick and dirty guide: … Read More