An open letter response to the pilot’s wife open letter…

Dear Pilot’s Wife, I hear you. Fair points. And I am sure that, as the wife of a pilot, you know more than me about the ins and outs of plane and flight management. I am not being facetious, here, I mean it. I know jack shit about that stuff. I know nothing about overbooking or cramming employees on fully … Read More

The End

In December 2003, Joi Ito announced he’d be quitting alcohol, set up (as one did in those days) a blog on TypePad, and invited a few others to join him in documenting their quit. The blog quickly stalled, work and life getting in the way of blogging (another 2004 reality), but the comments section lived with vibrant discussions between strangers, … Read More

Conversations with God’s Ground Personnel

For the past twelve weeks I have made it a point to walk past our local Church of the Nazarene and peruse its prayer box. That’s essentially a mailbox into which everyone can throw a prayer request. I was nice and always signed mine with my name, street, city, and phone number and email address, because you never know if … Read More

Aim for Compersion

Why happiness for others’ happiness matters Psychologists love prodding and probing the concept of happiness. We differentiate ourselves from our medical peers, the psychiatrists, by worrying much less about Dopamine, Endorphins, GABA, and neurotransmitters (though we do and acknowledge their role) and more about happiness as an outward factor, a means to create the same in others. Social psychologists (we … Read More

Why I “hate” the Ethical Slut Book

Walk into any bookstore and you’ll find a treasure trove of books aimed at non-normative (that would be “one man, one woman, missionary, on Sundays, after the game, if we’re not too tired”) love and relationships. There’s a section for gay and lesbian readers, a smattering for bisexual ones. There’s “Fifty Shades” in case you’ve crossed the Big Five Oh … Read More