An open letter response to the pilot’s wife open letter…

Dear Pilot’s Wife, I hear you. Fair points. And I am sure that, as the wife of a pilot, you know more than me about the ins and outs of plane and flight management. I am not being facetious, here, I mean it. I know jack shit about that stuff. I know nothing about overbooking or cramming employees on fully … Read More

Wiesbaden Street Art

The Meeting of Styles is an international street art event and gallery, spread around the globe.

Getting to McMurdo Station

A (somewhat) practical guide to becoming the McMurdo Foursquare Mayor Having just completed, winter setting over the always icy shores of McMurdo Station in Antarctica, my second trip to the final accessible civilian outpost on the southernmost continent of the planet, I am often asked how the heck does someone get to go to McMurdo. Here’s a quick and dirty guide: … Read More