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A now page, based on Derek Sivers’ Now page collection.

November Status

SO much has happened, it warrants a whole etry.

February Status

I am packing most of my things and have stopped buying stuff in preparation of my move back to Germany in June.

January Status

In due time I’ll move old month statuses into their own folder. For the time being, and because it’s the 31st today, December remains. Today is my last full day in Zurich, I’ll probably be seeing the fireworks from the roof of our hospital. If at all.

I will have some exams early January and some school stuff right after. Clinical work starts again in March, right after another set of exams.

December Status

I am going “home” for a few days. Truth is, I don’t know where “home” is anymore. I used to. Home was to drive the Los Gatos hills towards Santa Cruz, and that moment of the last incline, with the pirate cove of Half Moon Bay right there. That was home.

Now, well… home is where I lay my head. I am too old for this kind of vagabond lifestyle, but them’s the cards.

I have some stuff to finish here in Cyprus and, most importantly, shrink my possessions. June will be here in a jiffy, and that means breaking down my permanent residence in Cyprus and turning Germany and Cyprus both into temporary ones.

November was a shit month and so I have to spend some time recovering as well, doing personal mental hygiene work. Packing presents for my loved ones is one of those things.

My MacBook died on me, keyboard damage. Known issue with that version, but Apple still wants 600 bucks to replace the top case. Might just uptrade instead.

No iPhone 14 Pro, instead. They still aren’t available in Cyprus and the trade up is insignificant enough that I’ll save the planet some extra e-trash and stick one more year with my old one. Maybe the 15 will be better.