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A collection of trip reports, plans, tech- and gear contemplations, and everything else that I feel belongs here.

Nov 28, 2023 Why the "final 100" suck so bad

Every Pilgrim has their horror stories about the final 100. An attempt at an explanation.

Approximately 1 minute to read

Nov 28, 2023 The "Ages" of the Caminos de Santiago

The Caminos are changing. That's nothing new, they have been since the first yellow arrows were painted in 1984. But this time it's for the worst.

Approximately 7 minutes to read

Nov 21, 2023 One Year of Running - Day Zero

I will run every day for a year, let's see what it does to me.

Approximately 2 minutes to read

Feb 14, 2023 Trips, An Introduction

I do not take adding a whole new collection to this site lightly. In fact, I am constantly fighting the urge to kill it all and start a focused blog for each of them. But a personal site of mine without a hiking section would be wrong. Pineapple-on-pizza wrong.

Approximately 3 minutes to read

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