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Just some silly writing

A collection of texts I wrote over the years. Rather barren until I find some time to extract the important stuff from my Quora, Twitter, and other archives.

Nov 29, 2023 Networking my Wellness

Why data are only as good as their freedom. And, yes, I get it. "Wellness" is such an overused word, a weasel word to get out of the potential legal issues arising from promising health. But in this case let's use it as it was intended to be used: a metric of holistic health, body, mind, and social.

Approximately 3 minutes to read

Nov 11, 2023 Life Update

So much has happened, this warrants a whole new entry.

Approximately 4 minutes to read

Mar 7, 2023 Don't Medium. Not even once.

Quick reminder, that @medium@me.dm is not "joining the Fediverse." The company, famous for paywalls and other shit antithetical to the Open Web, simply set up a Mastodon server.

Approximately 1 minute to read

Feb 21, 2023 PLEASE blog

So Twitter is dead and everyone moved to Mastodon. Problem solved, right?

Approximately 5 minutes to read

Feb 19, 2023 Making a Countdown Widget with Übersicht and NodeJS

A friend of mine is struggling with her time in medical school. While the adage is true, that the days are long, but the years are short, it still looks and feels like it may never end, a constant stream of exams and all-nighters.

Approximately 4 minutes to read

Feb 14, 2023 Speeding up the site a bit more

My 'server' for this site is still the $10 old Raspberty Pi. Since it is static, it's not much of a drain on the CPU and thus very much usable. Pictures are currently hosted locally, largely because that's how I implemented all the responsive stuff, but there's a change this might change in the future.

Approximately 2 minutes to read

Feb 12, 2023 Fast, faster, fuck it - Or: How I stopped worrying about 100x4 and learnet to embrace the bomb(ing on Google)

Google has, next to collecting and monetizing everyone's life, a habit of educating the web by rewarding good web keeping and punishing the bad. And I am not even mad about that. From forcing ssl-encrypted websites to favoring high-performance ones in its search rankings, slow by slow, it managed to make the HTML-based Internet a better place. At least in that regard.

Approximately 2 minutes to read

Feb 6, 2023 MacOS PopClip Snippets for Medics

Three snippets for the MacOS app 'PopClip' to make work and research as a medic a little easier.

Approximately 1 minute to read

Feb 3, 2023 I asked GPT-3 to argue Pineapple on Pizza, pretending to be someone else.

I would like to have a conversation about random topics with you, but you pretend to be {someone else} when answering.

Approximately 3 minutes to read

Jan 30, 2023 Cleanup

Cleaning up the site because, damn, I have nothing better to do /sarcasm off

Approximately 1 minute to read

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