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MacOS PopClip Snippets for Medics

Here are a few PopClip Snippets for medics. PopClip can be purchased on the AppStore or comes as part of Setapp. Since Setapp doesn’t have the best track record of not simply removing things without notice, I suggest the AppStore route over Setapp, unless you’re already a subscriber.

PopClip in Action

After installing PopClip and activating it, simply select the respective snippet and choose “install extension.” What you see here is what you get, meaning a new search engine added.

#popclip extension to search Elicit
name: Elicit
icon: iconify:material-symbols:fluid-med

Elicit is a ML/AI language model to search and evaluate research papers. Almost indispensable once you get the hang of it. It saved me quite a bit of time.

#popclip extension to search PubMed
name: PubMed
icon: iconify:simple-icons:pubmed

We all know PubMed.

#popclip extension to search Uptodate
name: UpToDate
icon: search filled U

And if you don’t have an UpToDate account, are you even doing medicine?