Don't Medium. Not even once.
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Don’t Medium. Not even once.

Quick reminder, that is not “joining the Fediverse.” The company, famous for paywalls and other shit antithetical to the Open Web, simply set up a Mastodon server.

Open Platform my sweet souvlaki-fed ass
Open Platform my sweet souvlaki-fed ass

That’s a little bit like North Korea telling you they’re an open and free state, because they have a tea house in New York you can buy tea at and get showered with their Great Leader’s selection of NK citizen statements who really, really, please don’t kill my family, love it there.

Medium is still a shit silo, the Facebook/Twitter of writing. If Medium cared about the Fediverse, they’d give their writers Actor IDs, let them federate their content, and handle commenting and liking accordingly.

Instead, Medium is just another hanger-on, trying to ride a wave to make them look cooler than they are. Again, a little bit like Kim Jong-un letting himself be photographed wearing a Nike shirt. Doesn’t make NK any less of a hellhole.

Don’t Medium. The lure of cashola is great, I know, but don’t. Get a blog. Set up a tip jar. Heck, have a Patreon (you know my opinion on that piece of hot garbage, but it’s still 1000 times better than Medium). Federate your content. Let me subscribe to you at your blog on my Fediverse implementation.[1] Let me comment here. Let your words ring free. Don’t give your heart, mind, and soul to a heart and soulless silo. Don’t jail your work inside someone else’s North Korea.

You, as a person, your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas, are too valuable to be jailed away inside a silo.


  1. You can search for in your fediverse client. It will redirect you to, which you can subscribe. You can respond to this post there, and it will show up here. ↩︎