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Red Herring, via Matt:

Critics of Six Apart say that WordPress, a blog publishing platform developed by a grassroots team, is more robust than Movable Type. WordPress is also open source and free. But things are different in Six Apart’s cash-crop enterprise space, where support and security are at the top of the list. Half of Movable Type servers sit behind a firewall, says Mr. Berkowitz.

Has SixApart joined the ranks of peccable pundits equating open and distributed development with insecurity? Hopefully not, but it sure sounds that way. Here’s hoping 6A will qualify and quantify that statement somewhere. For the record, let me state that WordPress does, indeed, put support and security first as well. To this end, we have one of the most active, dedicated, and experienced support organization in the world — our users. And as to security, no one is protected from making mistakes which might compromise the security of one’s product, and both MT and WP have had their share of things that needed fixing after discovery. At WordPress, we’re proud to have been always open, up-front, and quick to the fix when it happened.

Yes, Movable Type continues to lead ahead of WordPress in terms of sheer numbers of users. And that’s something to be proud of. Ben, Mena, the team of Six Apart, everyone over there is making a great product destined to be successful. WordPress, additionally, this being a free product, has a much harder time estimating behind-the-firewall user numbers, simply because a free software models does not have the vehicle of monthly income statements to establish user numbers.

Personally, I am glad we’re not in a one-solution cage out there. While the “cash-crop enterprise” SixApart has to mind its numbers and sales, WordPress can concentrate on leading and moving with the trends and innovations of today’s personal publishing space. From innovative anti-spam solutions to a truly easy-to-use-5-minute-deployment platform, WordPress has set the tone a few times, and will continue to do so. Just wait, it’s all just getting started.

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