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After getting an email from a fellow site-owner, who’d written about the Saaya Irie story as well, I had to check if his observation was true. And…

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Edit: now we’re up to 11,438 search engine hits. I am contemplating to remove the post.

Original: Saaya Irie v. Paris Hilton pr0n scam deathmatch

Remember 2004? When were blurry “Paris Hilton” videos showing random amateur pornstars doing the nasty in infrared all the hype? Well, fret no more, a new scam star has emerged, and this time it’s not only annoying, it’s revoltingly bad. Saaya Irie, an 11-year-old Japanese singer/actor, whose biological clock went overtime on some parts of her body, giving her an F-cup-sized chest, is the latest hype in fake and photoshopped ads.

I won’t be linking any of this scam or indulge in the perverse act of showing bikini-clad images of this unfortunate girl, but before you race off to yahoogle her name in a search engine of your choosing, sit back and memorize this — this is an 11-year-old, we’re talking about.

The pr0n industry celebrates. Already we see skyrocketing numbers of sites using her as another surfer-lure, and somewhere in Japan some agent has begun selling bikini-shots (and promises nude ones as soon as Saaya reaches 13, the apparently legal age to show boob with parental consent, but I am not a Japanese lawman) to bidders going as high as 1,5M Yen ($14,000) for a personalized look. Then there’s all the “teen actor” stuff, thinly veiled pr0n. That’s a huge business, not counting the millions of photoshopped nude-pics bring in.

I’m no fucking prude. I’ve had my share of personal experiences, some of which are illegal in some states and others, that would make even close friends of mine squirm and PowerExchange patrons blush, but there’s a line. And that line is crossed heftily when jack-off rags display images of children, clothed or not, f-cup or not.

Part of me hopes this will be uncovered as some kind of hoax, Irie coming out to admit she’s in fact 18, but that eliminates only half of the issue. Thousands of creepy men out there, doing whatever people do when watching pr0n, unfazed by the fact that this is to the image of an 11-year-old, that’s what really gets me.

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