About (i am just a medic)

My name is Mikka. I am just a medic, a PhD candidate in Medical Education and History, and a maker of video and sound (rarely).

Please see The Statement Of Interests And Disclosures below.

I remember crowdfunding micro.blog back in the day, but promptly forgot about it. In June 2021 I switched to an experimental whole month of working on a M1 iPad Pro as my sole productivity machine, and rediscovered an urge to write about that and other things happening in my life.

I live and work in Cyprus, the furthest south member of the European Union. Cyprus is a divided country, the south governed by its legitimate government and the North occupied by Turkish troops, a holdover from a bloody conflict along Turkish/Greek heritage lines in the 1970s, following the return of their former colony by Great Britain.

We still have some colonial holdovers, we drive on the left and use British, not EU, powerplugs. Other than that, the South is rabidly trying to be Greece and the North is trying to get rid of Turkey and be Cypriots.

This is a personal blog and collection of links of interest to me – you should never take a guy on the Internet (or gal or anything in between and around) by their word. Data are very patient, you can torture them until they confess about anything.


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  • Discord: medimikka#9317

Statement of Interests and Disclosures

My PhD thesis is supported by a small grant from the European Center for Disease Control and an additional small grant from the Hertie Foundation for Neuroscience. I also received a generous personal grant from an individual, who has no conflicting interests.

My work in Medical History is supported by a generous grant from the British Society for the History of Medicine, BSHM.

I do not derive direct personal income or salaries from any of these grants, all grants are used to directly support my research.

I receive a small income from consulting in medical education for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent societies and as a teacher for ACLS, ATLS, and PALS.

Mikka Luster @mikka