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About: Mikka

... all the stupid crap people write on "about" pages.

In West Philadelphia born and… <smack>

Ok, ok. Name’s Mikka, I wander. Often aimlessly, sometimes with purpose. I do medicine for a living, specifically Neuropsychology with a focus on deviations from neurotypical behavioral structures.

I am addicted to BBC Comedy and British panel shows.

I miss Never Mind the Buzzcocks quite a bit.

I am a foreigner.

I fucking hate bigots and most -ists.


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This means you can reshare it as long as you are crediting me (like so: © Mikka Luster), your work is non-commercial, and you’re sharing it alike.

Address and all the other legal bullshit they make you add in Germany because they really, really, fucking don’t understand the Internet and lawyers love making money:

ViSdP: Mikka Luster, Hugenottenstraße 89, 61381 Friedrichsdorf runs on WordPress, using the Divi theme. Most images are shot using a Sony RX 100 MK5, vim is my text editor, MacOS my operating system, and everything is written in Ulysses for publishing.

Made with ❤️ in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, and Tórshavn, Føroyar.


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